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Maternal Styling


Preparing for a new addition to your family can be many things - exciting, daunting, beautiful... Your body's inevitable changes are going to be challenging, and Val is here to help you style your way through! Sign up for a

Although your body is changing drastically, there is no reason you cannot continue to look amazing! Val will help you select clothing and style yourself in a way that will make your friends and colleagues marvel at you your full maternal glory. The cut of the fabric, the way the cloth lays on your body... all this can be tailored to suit you even in the later stages of your pregnancy.

Maternal Package - $395


Your little bundle of joy is here and your body is beginning to come back into its former shape. The change back doesn't happen overnight, though, and to help in order to smooth the transition, it's time to bring Val back with a

Whether you're rejoining the work force, getting back into sports or yoga, or something else entirely, you'll be glad to have Val's consultation as your body begins to restore its former shape. A slow transition for some, and quick for others, it is crucial to choose styles that won't suddenly fit poorly within a week or two! Val will help you design your style so you can gracefully make the transition out of maternity.

Post-Natal Package - $395