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Bridal Styling


It's an unforgettable moment in your life - you want to dress the part! Mode In Style helps you with the subtle and not-so-subtle aspects of bridal style. Think of this as your

One of the most exciting times for a young woman is preparing for a wedding - but with all the rewards can also come a bit of stress. Val is here to help! You want to look the absolute best that you possibly can and Mode in Style will ensure that you do. Val takes tremendous care in helping you select a dress, and helping you choose the right style. She'll work with your body to tailor the dress to fit perfectly! Accessorizing, and matching hair and makeup are also critical components. That is why Val not only helps you with choosing and styling your dress, but she goes all the way to ensure that you are the hottest bride you can be.

Starter Kit - $495


It's all about you! But isn't it all about your bridesmaids too? Val will work with your whole bridal party to make sure you shine like the stars you are. Ladies all aboard! You're flying

Pull all the ladies together for some wine and cheese and let Val get to work! Taking measurements, getting to know the nuances of each lady's style and fit, and developing style and color themes to work with - Val is a master of combining work and play and you will feel light and free through a process that the other brides find stressful and taxing.

After your first session getting measurements and honing in on what you and your ladies need most in wedding style, you'll spend your second session in the field with Val for a fun day of trying on dresses and coordinating styles between the bride and her party. You'll have a blast working with Val to create the ultimate bridal party.

Business Class - $975


Wait a minute - let's not leave the fellas behind! You want your groomsmen to look as sharp as the bridesmaids - and Val can help! Let's style up the wedding party! The whole crew is flying

In three separate sessions, Val will get the wedding party looking razor sharp. A first meeting with the groomsmen and bridesmaids will let Val get to know everyone and will help you define the stylisic themes that suit your special day. You'll talk broad strokes about colors, themes, incorporating geography and even your favorite era. You'll take measurements for the gents and lock in a few details about wardrobe and style for them.

The second session will be all about the ladies. Over cheese and wine, you'll take measurements, discuss wedding fashion, and Val will get to know each lady's individual body type and style. After the brass tacks, it's time to go out and start choosing fabrics and trying on dresses - the fun stuff! Val will coordinate a palette of color and fabric to create a breathtaking bride and a simply stunning set of bridesmaids.

In the final session, Val will pull all the ladies and all the gents together so that the fellas can try on their retinue, and so that the bride can see everyone together. This will be a chance for final adjustments and tailoring, as well as a fun time for everyone to bond over some light bites and beverages.

First Class - $1895