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Ladies' Styling


Invest in your Style. Doors fly open for you when you are confident and Mode In Style helps you with the personal styling part of that challenge. Think of this as your

With this introductory four-hour consultation, you'll have the chance to work one-on-one with Val building some basic wardrobe and style guidelines. Val takes your measurements and advises you on what types of fabrics, which cuts and which styles will bring out the inner model in you. By the end of the session, we guarantee you will leave with a solid plan on how to redefine your style in every aspect of your life - workplace, social gatherings, formal occasions and even late-night dancing!

Starter Kit - $395


So you're ready to get serious about Style. New opportunities have opened up for you and you want to dress the part. Time to upgrade your image! We're bumping you up to

You're more highly visible to the people you work with, or you're suddenly in the lime light and your style should definitely match your situation. You'll have two 4-hour sessions with Val.

In the first hour, Val will set you up with measurements and provide several keys that will unlock your style potential. You'll cover a variety of ways to wear certain looks, fabric and color choices Val will examine the subtle additions you can make to your style palette that will make you stand out as an individual while being in sync with current trends.

The second session takes you "in the field". You and Val will go out shopping and you'll get to learn first-hand the secret style stashes Val has around town. In addition, Val will share her secrets about how to shop and how to avoid the pitfalls we all face when presented with too many choices. As your career takes flight, so should your confidence in how you present yourself.

Business Class - $695


Things have changed for you - things are looking up and your dreams are starting to come true... Your style needs to keep up! With Val, you will be flying

Perhaps you're finding serious alignment in your life's work, or maybe you have achieved a distinct level of fame and all eyes are on you. The world is your oyster and suddenly your closet is too small to keep up with your world travels. You need to look like you belong at the head of the boardroom, or in front of a camera, from Beijing to New York; Sao Paolo to Mumbai; London to San Francisco.

Over the course of four 5-hour sessions, you'll get all the basics from the other courses: measurements, fabric fundamentals, style guidelines and shopping sessions. But you'll go much further as Val delves into your professional and personal life to discover the full breadth of your styling needs. Looking ahead at your travel plans and upcoming business needs, you'll not only be able to plan what to bring as you trot across the globe, but you'll learn where, how, and what to buy in foreign lands to look professional, well-put-together, and 100% in mode and in style.

First Class - $1595