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Mode in Style is a fashion styling company that caters to both individuals and corporations. Val is an image and style professional who is highly experienced in runway, print, television, music video, film, and personal fashion. An expert in model coaching and event styling, Mode In Style introduces bold, diverse new looks. Along the way, (bonus!) we will purge your closet. Mode in style has the unique ability to transform its clientele for awe-inspiring results that will get you noticed.

Founding creative director and described "Best stylist of San Francisco 2008" (San Francisco Fashion Awards), Val Cunningham possesses a passion for fashion and a keen eye for design. While still in school, she began overhauling wardrobes and creating fabulous outfits for friends and family. After studying fashion forecasting, show production, visual merchandising, image consulting and styling, she launched Mode In Style in 2005. Since then, she has traveled the world researching street styles, fashion trends, and designers.

Val's career as a professional ballroom and latin dancer forms the basis for her heightened awareness of the body and its lines: how different fabrics drape on different silhouettes. Val creates an aesthetically moving image out of your body, treating every outfit like a costume, creating it with finesse and beauty.

Mode In Style was founded to help people streamline their wardrobes and simplify their lives. Years of personal experience coupled with formal training at such luminary establishments as Sak's Fifth Ave, Ralph Lauren and Jones of New York have finely honed Val's approach. She firmly believes that everyone can achieve a flattering style and effortlessly stylish look - stress free. With Mode In Style, you can have a versatile and modern wardrobe by building on your existing pieces, without breaking the bank chasing seasonal trends. Her philosophy is simple: By adding just a few key pieces and eliminating a few unfortunate choices, you can turn your closet from a cluttered disappointment into a trove of stylish possibilities.

Testimonials for Mode In Style

“I have hired Val twice to be my stylist for different video productions. The first was a short narrative piece for the 48 Hour Film Project, and the second was for a music video. In both situations, we were under the gun for time and I needed someone I could trust to make my characters shine. Val completely lived up to the task, jumping in with energy and enthusiasm. I've been complimented as a director for the looks of my videos, and I must give sincere credit to the to my teammate Val Cunningham."

- Cianna Stewart, Film Director

“Val cunningham innovative and creative styling I did such a nice two hour show! As a train ballroom dancer kama she instinctively understand movement and flow, and incorporates these concepts in an appealing, fresh way we highly recommend Val as a stylist who can just about color, print and drape to create visual art for the body!"

- Alison Hurwitz, DancEvents founder

“As a Yoga instructor, I found myself in Yoga pants, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt combo pretty much every day. So my goal was to look cuter "on the go" and on a super low budget! We purged my closet (great call), talked about my needs, my lifestyle, my image and then went shopping. Val listens and reads your reactions through this process to help guide the way. She also understands how to keep you is hard work! Val is wonderful at encouraging you to think beyond your box too. I'm so grateful to have had this experience!"

- Nicole Doherty

“Val's sense of humor professionalism and passion have resulted in rave reviews and requests from my entire production crew. Val has the ability to step into a chaotic situation and immediately recognize what the priorities are and how to tackle them. As a stage manager and model coach, she commands instant attention and attains miraculous results on the runway. As a wardrobe stylist, she works well both with photographers and models for a beautiful final product. In every case of working with Val, I can't imagine what I would have done without her!"

- Danielle Cohen, Missing Piece, Founder